Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to the new blog!

Hey everyone, and welcome to the new P.M.S blog! Now I am still going to post on Coffee With the Cynic's blog, don't worry. This is just a place for me to post things non-CWTC related. This will be the future home of P.M.S Cooks!, as well as for make-up, mom things, and general geekery. I will cross post any CWTC posts I write here and vice-versa when it applies.
So to break in the new blog, how about I tell you about the new make-up I just received in the mail?

Three Beauty Encyclopedias and an Eye-Brightening set from e.l.f Cosmetics! They are gorgeous! Here is a look inside one of those bad boys:

I tried it out yesterday for shiggles, and they are pretty awesome! I'm kind of a noob, so I think next time I will try using one of the cream shadows as a base to give it more kick and such. But I gave it a go with the Sparkle Eye Encyclopedia:

I used the white in the top left corner for highlight, and the blue with gold (second row, third from the left) with the brown with gold in the top right corner. The shadows were looser than I anticipated, but sparkly and looked great. This was the final look:

I will try and cook up an improved look for Valentine's Day (but I will try these colors again, as they looked great together). Also, you know what takes off makeup really easily? Baby wipes. Actually, they take off all makeup. It's quite the thing.

Anyways, welcome to the new blog, and you will hopefully see something new from me on this and CWTC soon, as I have had a good rant brewing now for a couple of days for you.

As always, don't forget to find us on Facebook and YouTube! Also the CWTC blog!

~the P.M.S :D

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