Wednesday, February 23, 2011

P.M.S Cooks! Ribs and Potatoes

Hey all, instead of bringing you a Demo Review of Dragon Age II since I can't play it until next week (damn Gold-only for a week :P), let's have another cooking post!

So tonight I wanted to make a really nice supper for us. So slow-cooked ribs and pan-fried potatoes seemed to be just the thing!

-cook time: approx 8 hours (in slow cooker/crock pot)
-rib sauce included: hickory bbq sauce (just enough to cover the other spices, as the flavor is really bold); Montreal steak spice- again just a little; dried chives, rosemary, sage and parsley; garlic- 4-5 cloves put through a press; pinch of sea salt and quite a bit of pepper. I wish I could be more specific but I don't measure these things. I just put in as much as seemed necessary for the amount of meat that was there. Oh, and the ribs were beef.
-mix all the spices with the bbq sauce. I just did this all in the slow cooker pot. Then add ribs and stir until coated. Cover and cook.

Steamy, meaty goodness. :D

-Cook time: 15-ish minutes on medium (until potatoes soft and getting brown and crispy edges)
-Ingredients: potatoes (I had several very small white ones left over from stew); leek- I only used 1; butter/margarine; garlic- 2-3 cloves, depending on size; dried parsley, chives, and dill.
-Cut potatoes into thin slices, so the same with the leek. Melt butter in pan with garlic and fry garlic a little with the chives. Add potatoes, parsley and dill (I eyeballed how much parsley and dill). Let cook a little- maybe 5 mins, then add leek. Cook until potatoes are soft, or if you're like me, until they get brown, crispy edges.

Still in the pan.

And voila! Add a veggie side, some tea and hot chocolate, and you have a spectaculous dinner for your sweetie!

Don't mind the messy table :P

On to other business, the Demo Review will be out next week, probably Wednesday (or Tuesday maybe, we'll see). I will likely also have a review up for the game itself sometime in March, although I'm not sure when. I also got my brother to try Origins, and so the Dalish Elf ChrisPBacon was born! More info as his adventures continue! lol.

Not much new on the makeup front. Attempted a smoky eye that made me look like a bad mall goth and so was brightened up severely with much white sparkly goodness and the outer wings removed entirely. It was bad. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of when it looked all "mall goff", but here was the final result:

On the bright side, by the time I was done it was super sparkly.

Thanks again for tuning in and keep an eye for some new and exciting things coming up. :D

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