Sunday, February 20, 2011

e.l.f in Blue!

So now that I've got this new make up that I love, I tend to wear some whenever we go out for anything. Groceries? Paying bills? Helping younger brother move? You bet! Anyways, where I'm going with this is that we went to the Cynic's parent's house for supper tonight. So, I whipped this up, and I'm pretty happy with it.

I must also learn to take better pictures lol. Actually I have a better picture, but I'm also looking at Bubs so one of my eyes looks really goofy.

Anyways, from inner corner to outer: sparkly white-> blue/white-> blue/gold sparkle-> light gray sparkle-> dark gray sparkle. It blended quite a lot.

It was brighter in person :P

And, thanks to the fact that I've sort of figured out how to put makeup on properly, it lasted all day, just as bright and fun. A bit of cream shadow to prime and a matte white underneath really do the trick.

This is how it looked several hours, an almost-nap, and fighting with Bubs later. Still really bright with very little creasing. Hooray for not being such a n00b at this!

Oh, and this is what I actually did when helping my brother move :D

This was quite bold: pale gold sparkly-> copper-> med. brown-> dark brown. I even got the wing-tip look to work, which was cool.

So that's been my makeup adventures lately.

Also in the news of the P.M.S:
-Bubs took his first step towards toilet training- a poop in the toilet instead of the tub! Hooray!
-Dragon Age II Demo drops Tuesday. If it's not gold-only for the first week, expect a Demo Review within a couple of days of it's release. Either way, I recommend downloading the demo, if nothing else, but to get it to 1 million downloads
-There's a rant about music I want to do. It will be long, and so it hasn't gotten done yet.
-Hoping for a new vid. in March, provided I find some inspiration. My last video (which you can see here) was so awesome, and fun to do, that I would like to keep that level of quality.
-There will be more P.M.S Cooks! as soon as I cook something interesting enough to post lol.

Have a video suggestion? Feel free to leave it in the comments!

~the P.M.S

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