Friday, July 29, 2011

30 (Day) Song Challenge

Since I've been away from the blog for awhile, I thought I would do something up while I have the opportunity. The Cynic did one of these for movies on the CWTC blog a little while ago, and that got me thinking. However, music is more my thing, so I found the music version of the 30 day challenge, and let's get cracking!

1. Your Favorite Song- Foolin' by Def Leppard
My favorite song of the moment changes by day, but overall, I have to go with Foolin'. Given that Def Leppard is my favorite band, that should be no surprise. My first Leppard album was Pyromania, taped from vinyl backwards so this was the first song. I just love it every time I hear it, and I've even had the privilege to see it performed live twice. You can't beat it.

2. Your Least Favorite Song- Blah, Blah, Blah by K$sha
This has got to be the most irritating, grating, sonic assault on the planet. From the inane, trashy lyrics, to the cringe-worthy beat to Kesha's nails-on-a-chalkboard vocals you just want to stick sharp pencils in your ears. Yuck.

3. A Song that Makes You Happy- Still Alive from the game Portal
The female robot boss from the game Portal singing a cheerful little song about how you didn't actually manage to kill her. Twisted, but you can't help but smile. A close second to this would be the level music from Plants vs. Zombies with is both cute and cheerful, just like the plants themselves.

4. A Song that Makes You Sad- the Christmas Shoes song
I don't know who sings this, but it has got to be the saddest, most depressing song ever. The worst part is that it's a Christmas song. I nearly started bawling at work one time when this was on (although I was pregnant). But even now, it's still way to sad, especially for a season that's supposed to be about joy.

5. A Song that Reminds you of Someone- Sister Christian by Night Ranger
This is kind of an in joke between me and my sister, and this song makes me think of her everytime.

6. A Song that Reminds you of Somewhere- Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry
This song was huge when I still went to the bar. Couldn't really think of anything else.

7. A Song that Reminds you of a Certain Event- Rock On by Def Leppard
I remember seeing this song live at my first ever concert. I remember how the title clicked (it's a cover of the old David Essex song) during Rick Savage's bass intro. Good times.

8. A Song you Know All the Words To- anything by Def Leppard
I know the words to lots and lots and lots of songs lol.

9. A Song that You Can Dance To- Stricken by Disturbed
For some reason I have to at least bob my head to this song. I don't 'dance' per se, as I lack the coordination. Something about it makes me want to move.

10. A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep- Your Body is a Wonderland by John Mayer
I am NOT a fan of the 'frat guy with a guitar' type of music, and something about John Mayer is alternatively irritating and boring. This song is both, with an emphasis on boring. Come on man, pick up the friggin' pace on this one, or wake me up once it's done.

11. A Song From Your Favorite Band- Work it Out by Def Leppard
A great song with a cool video from an underappreciated album (Slang). Well worth checking out.

12. A Song from a Band You Hate- Viva La Vida by Coldplay
I hate Coldplay with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns.

13. A Song that is a Guilty Pleasure- E.T (Futuristic Lover) by Katy Perry
My sister played this one for me earlier today. I'm referring to the non-Kanye version. Katy Perry's singing is overwrought and the lyrics are beyond silly, but I kinda dig the beat. I feel dirty now.

14. A Song that No One Would Expect you to Love- Step Into the Light by Darren Hayes
I was hooked on Darren Hayes from the first Savage Garden album and into his solo career. I know a lot of people see me as solely a classic rock/metalhead, but here is where I make an exception. This is no guilty pleasure, I genuinely love his music and I have no problem proclaiming it.

15. A Song that Describes You- Livin' After Midnight by Judas Priest
Simply for my night owl ways, not so much the all-night partying (any more lol).

16. A Song that You Used to Love But now Hate- What I've Done by Linkin Park
Now I don't think I hate this song, but think it's just kind of blah. It just seems a waste of the talents of the whole band. It's meh at best.

17. A Song You Hear Often on the Radio-Sorry to say, but I don't listen to the radio

18. A Song you Wish You Heard on the Radio- Indestructible by Disturbed
I never hear any Disturbed on the radio. Someone should change that.

19. A Song from Your Favorite Album- Touch of Evil by Judas Priest
If I had to go on favorite album by how many times I've listened to it, it would be Painkiller due to the fact it makes excellent driving music so it's put on in the car a lot. And Roland likes it.

20. A Song You Listen to When Your Angry- Mein Teil by Rammstein
There is nothing better for a bad mood than Rammstein. You just let it wash over you, rock out, and then you feel better.

21. A Song You Listen to When Your Happy- Trust by Megadeth
I've become quite a bit of a Megadeth fan in the last little while. It's always a good time for Megadeth.

22. A Song You Listen to When Your Sad- I just listen to whatever I usually listen to. I song I listened to that made me sad was when I heard Bon Jovi on the country station. That was a sad day indeed.

23. A Song that You Want to Play at Your Wedding- My Curse by Killswitch Engage
It's mine and the Cynic's song. It will be played.
I also would put Angel by Judas Priest here too.

24. A Song that You Want to Play at Your Funeral- A Tout le Monde by Megadeth ft. Cristina Scabbia
Good song and it would fit.

25. A Song that Makes You Laugh- S&M by Rihanna.
Thanks to one Todd in the Shadows from, I can't hear this song without cracking up. Especially the chorus. Totally ruined the song but totally worth it. (you can watch his review here)

26. A Song that You Can Play on an Instrument- none. I can't carry a tune in a suitcase.

27. A Song You Wish you Could Play- Gods of War by Def Leppard
I would love to play this on guitar.

28. A Song that Makes YOu Feel Guilty- I don't know of any song that makes me feel guilty. That's a weird question.

29. A Song From Your Childhood- Don't Turn Around by Ace of Base
Roxette + ABBA = Ace of Base. I remember when this song was big. Did I really listen to this crap? Well, I guess we all did.

30. Your Favorite Song at this time last year- probably the same as it is right now lol. This time last year I was getting pretty excited for Disturbed's Asylum album, so I was picking up whatever there was to be had from that.

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